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waterfallIt’s time.  
Your heart beats like never before
as you sit in the dim fridge light on the floor
at two am, stressed, sleepless, depressed.

Yes.  There was a shipwreck.
Rejection.  Betrayal.  Death.
A relationship or project is lost and gone.
It'll never be the same.
I’m not here to tell you it will be.
It won’t, because life isn’t like that
due to all the confusing beauty and
passion at the edge of the shoreline
where you wonder what's mine in the end.
Please take pleasure in knowing your treasure is this--

You have the badass ability to create something from the pain,
pearls that turn into new worlds.

TakeyourpainBut you’re not ready for that yet.  Or are you?
You need TLC, or the teal sea as I, Ky, the mermaid nurse
calls it.  As a coach, I'll take you to the wake, by your heartbreak
where you heal, breathe, dream, and feel
it's not over.  It's not.  You are a lover.
Someday you will fall in love again
and not just with someone or something
but with your whole life
because the world is your beloved
and today your soulmate.

Right now what's yours is this
(and let it's truth triple kiss you)
you are safe and sound
you can begin again
you are nothing less than starlight and saltwater
moving beautifully through a universe

As a coach, I'm committed to helping you
find your flow and glow!  Know its going to be ok.

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